The Role Of Criminal Justice Lawyer


Criminal defense lawyers are not so much pleasing the public due the fact that people believe that they are defending a person who is suspected to have committed a crime. If you have been charged against a certain offence, you need to have a qualified criminal defense lawyer working with you regardless of your innocence or guilt. As the advocates are protectors of the accused, a criminal defense lawyer plays a very important role in the justice system to make sure that anyone charged with a criminal act get a chance to defend themselves. Read more on DUI attorney Los Angeles.

The main and most important role of a criminal defense lawyer is to protect the rights of the accused before a court of law. By keeping your rights under the bill of rights in the constitution, criminal defense attorneys are bound by the law to assist their clients by ensuring that they are fairly treated by the criminal justice system. A criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the following are observed.

You are given the rights to remain silent, right to speedy and public trial, right to trial to a jury of your peers, right to legal counsel, right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizure and right to declared innocent until you are proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Most countries guarantee this in their constitutions. A criminal defense lawyer is supposed to give their clients protection against too much exploitation from the government in meeting out punishment to any individual accused of a criminal offence. A reputable and qualified layer will comfortably achieve this by challenging any law enforcement conduct that abuse the right of the citizens accused of crime. If a criminal defense attorney is not in a position to give effectual assistance, they risk losing their license to practice law again or some strict penalties such as serving a jail time.

The other role of a criminal defense attorney is defending an innocent person. We are aware of the many incidences where many criminal cases have gone wrong as a result some new evidences emerges verifying that a certain person have served a jail time due to inaccurate guilty verdict. But in most cases, most of the criminal defense attorney's clients are to some extent criminally guilty in crime that they have been charged with. It is very rare although there are some incidents where the clients are innocent. There are very rare cases where an innocent person is accused and convicted of a criminal offence. Read more on DUI attorney Los Angeles.

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